Company History

Government Relations Strategies (GRS) is a leading government affairs firm located in the Portland Metropolitan Area.To accommodate clients’ legislative needs GRS also maintains office space in Salem, Oregon.GRS consistently produces successful outcomes for its clients.Our clients include publicly traded corporations, large corporations that operate in multiple countries, professional trade associations, non-profit organizations, and a variety of local governments.

State Government Affairs

Government Relations Strategies assists clients in passing or defeating legislation at the Oregon State Legislature.We cultivate and maintain strong relationships with both local and state officials and Oregon lawmakers.GRS assists clients in navigating and participating in the administrative rulemaking process.We work to finish the job we do in the Oregon legislature by making sure administrative rules state agencies propose are crafted to reflect the legislation's intent and statutory language.

Grassroots Outreach

Government Relations Strategies crafts strategies to engage stakeholders and interested groups in lobbying and communication efforts.GRS advises its clients how to build positive and meaningful relationships with state and local elected officials and political leaders.

Campaign Management

Government Relations Strategies’ staff has experience in providing consulting services for candidate and ballot measure campaigns including political action committee formation and management, campaign organization, strategy, and message development.

Association Management

Government Relations Strategies’ staff has experience in managing statewide associations serving in Executive Director and Government Relations capacities with successful communication and educational programs including:membership recruitment, budget development and implementation, policy and procedure development, program marketing strategies, public speaking presentations, training, seminar and conference planning, and newsletter production.

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